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The Gaspe has a rich military tradition. Gaspesian communities have always responded to the country's call in an outstanding way. The Bay Chaleur Military Museum is determined to honour this tradition by preserving local military history and sharing it with all our visitors. The museum’s exhibits will explore the military history of the region from its earliest times to the present day. The museum is designed to remember the contributions of Gaspesians in the major conflicts of the 20th century and the impact these conflicts have had on the small communities along the shores of the Gaspe coast.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and this tribute to the brave men and women who have given so much for this country.

2013-14 Fundraising News

If our museum is to remain open and continue our research in coming years we must try to become self financing. In order to achieve this long term goal we have applied to “Mécénat Placements Culture” on behalf of our museum to be enrolled in their program. This program triples the value of donations which are made to the museum. Some of this money (20%) is deposited for 10 years, the remaining amount need only be tied up for 2 years but can be deposited for longer terms if the Museum Board of Directors so wish. In addition, the museum would receive an annual payment of the interest on the deposited amount. Over time, if the deposited amount is large enough the museum could continue to operate on the interest paid out annually. This is the long term goal of the plan.

We are now on the “Mécénat Placements Culture” waiting list for formal acceptance. This means that any donations made now can be included in our fund raising goal for the program. Our goal this year is to get $50,000 in donations. If we reach our goal it would mean $150,000 for the Museum through this program. If you can donate $100 now the museum will receive $300.

So please be generous this year. The long term future of our museum depends upon you.