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Virtual Tour: Korea

Experience in Korea

Renald Boudreau was born to Edgar Boudreau and Julia Guite in Maria, Quebec. His father, Edgar, worked on the railroads, a profession his sons would ultimately follow. In 1950 and 1951, with the introduction of the diesel engine on the Gaspe Coast, there was less work available on the railways. During this work shortage, Renald Boudreau saw an army recruitment poster and decided to volunteer for service on the 2nd of December 1950 with the 25th Brigade. Shortly after enlisting, Renald Boudreau was one of only 300 Canadians selected to be assigned to the Special Forces and was sent to Fort Lewis in Washington for three months of training before being sent overseas.

At Fort Lewis, Renald Boudreau was trained to read maps, operate a wireless 18 radio, drive tanks, trucks, and motorcycles. He immensely enjoyed this training period in Washington. The Special Forces trained at Fort Lewis were divided among existing units upon arrival in Korea. While in Korea, Renald served as the radio operator, advance guard and map-reader of the 3rd battalion, 2nd Regiment leading the others forward undercover of night. He also performed in several forward observation maneuvers during his time in Korea.

Wireless Radio

Although this model pre-dates the Korean War by a couple of years it is strikingly similar to the Wireless 18 radio that Renald Boudreau was responsible for operating in Korea. He can remember having to lug the awkward and cumbersome radio everywhere over all terrain.


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