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About Us


The Gaspe has a rich military tradition. Gaspesian communities have always responded to the country's call in an outstanding way. The Bay Chaleur Military Museum is determined to honour this tradition by preserving local military history and sharing it with all our visitors. The museum’s exhibits will explore the military history of the region from its earliest times to the present day, the contributions of Gaspesians in the major conflicts of the 20th century, and the effects these conflicts have had on the small communities along the shores of the Gaspe coast.

By becoming a Member of the Bay Chaleur Military Museum you will be helping to preserve the rich military history of the Gaspe Peninsula.

Where does the $10 Membership fee go?

  1. providing Membership benefits, including the Newsletter
  2. subsidizing museum’s expenses and collection needs
  3. caring for the museum’s collection
  4. purchasing permanent display cases for our exhibit room

Benefits of Membership

  1. An Annual Newsletter
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  3. 10% Gift Shop Discount

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