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Virtual Tour: Vietnam

Eldon William Tozer

Eldon William Tozer was born in 1934 to Mr. and Mrs. James Tozer of Cullen’s Brook, Quebec. He left the Gaspe as a young man to find work in the United States, but he retained his Canadian citizenship until his death. He joined the United States Navy and would serve for 13 years before his death in 1969. Eldon William Tozer married and had four children, Janet, Donna, David, and Gwendyl. He was a family man and actively corresponded with several family members during his service overseas.

Eldon William Tozer served as Chief Electrician’s Mate Patrol Officer in the 535 River Division principally patrolling on the Vinh Te Canal on the Mekong Delta, one of the most volatile regions during the Vietnam War. He served with distinction and was awarded the Naval Commendation Medal, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and he was also posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

Eldon Tozer was given emergency leave to return home after his wife was tragically killed in a car accident. He elected to return to Vietnam for a second tour and was killed on Thursday, November 20th at 1:45am during an ambush when the patrol boat was hit with two explosives. His last words, recorded by a surviving comrade, were “At least now I'll be with my wife.”

The Flag

Eldon William Tozer’s body was brought home to New Carlisle on the Gaspe and he was interred in the Riverside Cemetery in his native town of Cullen’s Brook. This flag was folded and presented to his mother in a ceremony conducted by RNCS T. DeCelle of the Navy Base in Springfield Mass., with the following words “On behalf of the President and the United States Navy, I present to you this flag under which Eldon so nobly served.”


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